Reviews and inquiries

Kristy has extensive experience in a wide range of inquiries, including

  • Ministerial and Government inquiries
  • Royal Commissions and public inquiries.
  • Corporate inquiries
  • Organisational investigations and reviews

She has acted as the inquirer, counsel assisting and counsel representing interested parties in many major public inquiries, including the Defence Inquiry into Operation Burnham, the Pike River Inquiry and others—examples below.

Kristy has undertaken a number of corporate & organisational investigations including cultural and structural reviews and abuse inquiries.

Details and noteworthy appearances and representations 
  • In 2018–20, acted as Counsel Assisting the Government Inquiry into Operation Burnham, a NZ Defence Force operation in Afghanistan.
  • Represented the Police in the Government inquiry into the appointment of Deputy Commissioner Wally Haumaha.
  • Conducted an inquiry into NZ Transport Association, structural and organisational review following warrant of fitness issues related to Dargaville Diesel.
  • In 2012, represented the Crown in the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Pike River Mining disaster.
  • Represented the Police in the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct (the Bazley Inquiry).
  • Counsel Assisting the Peter Ellis Inquiry (the Eichelbaum Inquiry).
  • Acted for Ministry of Fisheries in the State Services Commission Fisheries Inquiry.
  • Counsel Assisting the Independent Police Conduct Authority in relation to historic child abuse cases.
  • In 1999, carried out an inquiry on behalf of the former Chief Justice into conduct complaints.
  • Undertook a Ministerial Review of the Psychologists Act (the McDonald Inquiry).
  • In 1990, appointed Counsel Assisting the Commission of Inquiry into the Foxpine air crash.
  • Undertaken sexual harassment inquiries on behalf of corporate clients.
  • Provided advice in relation to inquiries undertaken into alleged activities of Ministers of the Crown and in relation to investigations into senior Public Servants.
  • Reviewed many petitions for the exercise of the Royal Prerogative of Mercy and has provided advice to the Attorney General on the grant of legal aid to the Privy Council on many occasions. For example;
    • Reviewed the petition in relation to the Howse murder conviction
    • Reviewed the petition in relation to the Scott Watson conviction.
  • Conducted reviews/inquiries for the Minister of Justice into the compensation claim by the “three girls” (wrongful imprisonment) and a number of petitions for pardon.
  • Participated in a number of other Commissions of Inquiry and Ministerial Inquiries, including the Incis Inquiry (until it was discontinued).
  • The Inquiry into the Unauthorised Leaking of Confidential Government Papers (Department of Women’s Affairs).
  • Appointed as Police Disciplinary Tribunal for many years and assisted with the review of the Cook Islands National Police Department.